Sashiko – senovinis japonų adymo menas

Sashiko is a simple but yet very sophisticated art of joining textile pieces together, mending holes or simply decorating them with small stiched geometrical patterns. Traditionaly deep indigo dyed cotton cloth and thick white cotton thread is used, but during the workshop I let people to choose from wider spectrum of colored threads and textiles, encourage to work on their own garments. Activity: During the workshop I will shortly introduce the technique and history behind it. Also the Repair Manifesto that invites people to consider a possibility of repairing, redesigning damaged objects instead of throwing them away. Inspires to buy less and to gain handcrafting experience to become more self-sustain. Ill bring some pattern blueprints and will explain the method of transfering them to textile, needle work,explain some secret tips. Then for about two hours we will dive in to the magical wold of sashiko on textile and I hope we’ll manage to co-create some beautiful results of that. I’d like to hang some inspiring examples from my portfolio and prepare the space so it would be nice to have some extra time before the workshop begins.